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Visual Blooper Sunday 10/4/2020


200 Dpi

72 dpi


A. what initially gave you the idea for your project?

I was watching a video on youtube about Xi Jinping the leader of china and how they are putting Muslims in concentration camps in China. Got me thinking I guess.


B.where did you find the images you used? ( cite them if you can) what file types were they?

Picture of Xi Jinping of Winnie the poo

Picture of Tiananmen Square

Both are Jpg's, and I found them through using google image search


C.explain why and how your-arrangement of these elements communicates what it does.

ok, so Xi Jinping banned the image of Winnie the poo because people were "bullying" him saying that he looks like the character. First I find this very funny. He's a bad guy and the fact that he got so angry with this makes me laugh. So the second is the famous image from Tiananmen Square. The Chinese government still to this day denies it happened. So for me when I heard about the concentration camps I thought the same thing would happen. I like the idea of using Winnie the poo and have him almost bringing the tanks along like its a parade of something. it's dark yeah. hopefully brings more attention to really negative things happening in our world.

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